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What is Mouse DPI? Does it Matter for Gaming?

by  Jone -  Last Updated On 25th January 2022
what is mouse dpi

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Often times, when you’re looking to buy a mouse, you might have come across a specification by the name of mouse DPI. Many people ignore it and do not pay attention to it. However, if you want to choose the right mouse, it is a good idea to understand what is mouse dpi. Once you do so, it is easy to select a mouse which is as per your requirement. Today, we will help you understand the mouse DPI and how it can impact the performance of the mouse.

What is mouse dpi?

DPI is the acronym for Dot per inch. It can range from 800 to even 4000. If you buy a mouse having a DPI or dot per inch of 1600, it will cover 1600 pixels when you move it 1 inch. In a nutshell, the DPI rating refers to the number of pixels which the mouse will move when you physically move it by 1 inch.

If you’re looking for a highly sensitive mouse, you should buy one which has a high DPI or dot per inch rating. It will mean that even if you move it slightly, you will be able to move the pointer to almost the far end of the screen, which is a definite advantage.

It will increase your response time and ensure that you do not physically move your mouse a lot when you’re using it. If you’re looking for a much more sensitive gaming mouse, you should go with the ones which have a high DPI like 4000 Dots per inch.

The question which would arise in the minds of many gamers is how the DPI rating can impact their gaming performance. That is what we will highlight below.

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Does Mouse DPI matter for gaming?

In the world of gaming, response time matters a lot. If the mouse has a low-DPI, you will have to move the mouse more to reach a particular spot on the screen. That is why; your response time will be on the higher side. In such a case, your opponent will have an advantage over you. So always prefer a high dpi mouse over a lower dpi.

On the other hand, when buying a mouse with a higher DPI rating, it will take some time to get the hang of it. However, once you get used to it, you will be able to move it swiftly across the screen. As a result, your response time will come down. It will mean that you can improve your gaming skills and speed. In first-person shooting games and MMORPG games, this can matter a lot.

What is USB Polling Rate?

USB Polling Rate is how frequently your computer checks for signals from the mouse.

By default, the USB polling rate is 125 Hz in Microsoft Windows mouse and Linux, meaning, 125 times per second, or every 0.008 seconds. There are different polling rates for different gaming mice. Suppose the polling rates of a mouse is 300Hz then the cursor will move or it’s going to be reporting its position to the PC 300 times per second.

Usually, CPI or counts per inch is mislabeled for DPI.

Gaming mice can set the polling rate to a high number, such as 500 Hz, meaning, the cursor moves 500 times per second.

Can you change the mouse DPI settings?

Yes, gaming, as well as advanced mouse, allows you to change the settings. Generally, they feature a button below the scroll labeled as DPI. The three most common DPI settings in a computer mouse are 800, 1600 DPI, 2000. When you press the DPI button once, it will automatically advance the DPI setting to the next level. Thus, changing settings is possible.

If you’re buying an advanced gaming mouse, it can have different gaming mouse DPI setting options and you can change your DPI settings. It is a good idea to look at the same before buying. It will help you understand the DPI range that the mouse has on offer. It is always important to choose a mouse with Best DPI that stands for dots per inch.

First-person-shooter game often prefers low DPI, as low as 800 DPI. With 800 DPI, you have very precise control of mouse movements. Low-DPI pro gamers use a huge mouse pad. The mouse pad is as wide as a full-sized keyboard. Some gaming mouse lets you config to any DPI within a range of 400 DPI to 4000.

Does DPI matter in a regular mouse?

If you plan on using the mouse for regular day-to-day applications, 400 DPI has little to no impact. In most of these applications, if your response time increases by just a few milliseconds, there will be no effect on your performance. As a result, you can buy any mouse you want without having to worry about DPI. However, if you’re accustomed to a low sensitivity mouse, it is always a good idea to go with ones having a higher DPI rating.

It will ensure that required physical mouse movement is minimal and you can move the cursor all over the screen quite quickly.

Generally speaking, if you have a bigger monitor, it is a good idea to buy one with a higher DPI rating. It will mean that you will not have to move your mouse around a lot in spite of the large monitor which you are using. As a result, using your computer will be easy.

Which DPI setting should you choose?

As we stated above, many of the mouse options offer you different DPI settings. The question is which one you should choose. It is always a good idea to select one through trial and error. Once you click the DPI button and the settings change, you need to use the mouse to understand whether it is good enough for you or not. When choosing the DPI sensitivity set through trial and error, it will be easy for you to pick the right setting.

With proper mouse sensitivity settings, you can get accustomed to the mouse, which will increase your productivity and efficiency, make sure you change the sensitivity settings accordingly.

So, if until now you have been wondering what is mouse DPI? DPI means Dots per inch. The next time around, you’re comparing different mouse options for your computer; do make sure that you take DPI into account. It will help you in choosing the right mouse, which will make your work easier and also minimize physical movement. All in all, it is an important metric to consider while buying a computer mouse.

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