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Tencent Partnership to Take Nintendo Switch Sales to New Level in China

by  Jone -  Last Updated On 3rd August 2021
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Nintendo Switch has been going miles. Last year, it beat PlayStation 4 when it comes to the best-selling console in the United States. It is planning to enter the Chinese market pretty soon. However, it is a pretty saturated market in China.

To boost its chances of becoming the most dominant console in the Chinese market, it recently tied up with Tencent. The announcement was made in ChinaJoy 2019. The event is the largest in gaming and digital entertainment Expo in the continent. It also makes it amply clear which direction Nintendo switch is moving in. It is taking extraordinary steps to ensure that its entry in the Chinese market is safety and brisk.

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Responsibility of Tencent:

The responsibility of Tencent will be to localize the gaming content on offer by Nintendo switch. It will include games like Super Mario and Legend of Zelda. It will simplify these games and convert it is content into Chinese so that the local players can easily enjoy the offerings by Nintendo Switch.

Tencent will also set up localized servers for Nintendo switch online. It already has a cloud business, which means that it will be relatively easy for the company to set up localized servers. Additionally, the Eshop of the console will integrate the payment solution by Tencent, WeChat into the store. All these steps are sure to help nintendo sales once it enters the chinese market.

The news of the tie-up first came out in April. Ever since then, Nintendo switch has been trying to get the console ready for the Chinese market. There are quite a few regulatory approvals which are still pending. That is why, in spite of that, the company has not disclosed the date of the launch.

For any console company, venturing into the Chinese market is not easy. Regulatory hurdles are pending to clear as well as the responsibility to localize the content so that the Chinese players can enjoy it quite easily. However, with this tie-up and the gaming options which Nintendo switch has on offer, it will be relatively easy for it to penetrate the Chinese market. Moreover, Tencent is already offering PUBG Mobil and Honor of Kings. That is why; it will be able to bring some exciting games to the table as well. As a result, Nintendo switch can gain significantly from this tie-up.

The company has not unveiled any other plans yet. Fans are waiting to find out if it will be launching the Nintendo Switch lite in the china market or not. It is the handheld console offered by the company which can last up to 9 hours on a single charge.

Also, there are rumors that the company might upgrade the console before launching it in the Chinese market. If that happens, the company might simultaneously launch the new variant of the console. However, there is no information from the company regarding the same.

One thing which is however for sure is that this tie-up with Tencent certainly works pretty well for both the companies. If it can launch in the Chinese market pretty soon, it will gain a pretty significant market share.

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