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Nintendo’s New Switch Lite Disappoints Users, gets Included in Lawsuit

by  Tabassum -  Last Updated On 3rd August 2021
Joy-Con drift lawsuit expanded to include Nintendo Switch Lite users.

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Nintendo’s Switch released on the 20th of September has been getting immensely positive reviews. A few days ago, Youtuber Alexis Javier had made a startling discovery, the video points towards the fact that Switch Lite is also inflicted by the dreadful Joy-con drift.

Players all over are reporting the issues which have previously plagued Switch, the dreadful Joy-con drift is back. When the lawsuit first surfaces back in July, Connor explained that Joy-Con drift is an issue in which the controller detects input even when the controller is not being handled. This issue is not game-breaking per se, but it sure is frustrating when the camera pans further than it was intended to one side.Nintendo’s New Switch Lite Disappoints Users, Experiencing Joy-Con drift Issue

Now it seems that Nintendo Switch Lite is also being affected by Joy-con drift as reported by the early adopters if the console. Polygon says that the class-action lawsuit originally for the Nintendo Switch complaints is now being extended to include Joy-con drift affected Switch Lite users.

“I beat Link’s Awakening over the weekend on my original Switch Lite system, I had only put like 20 something hours on it, and it started to show joy-con drift, Why is this happening earlier on than with the earlier Switch?” said one player. 18 American plaintiffs from over 16 states are included in this lawsuit represented by Chimicles Shwartz Kriner and Donaldson Smith.

Switch Lite owners may be more frustrated with Joy-con drift than the Original Switch users because Original Switch users affected by this issue send their defective Joy-cons for repair whereas Lite users have to ship their entire console and it would take few weeks to get the console repaired or get a replacement as of that matter. There’s hope that with the addition of Lite to the lawsuit, Nintendo would be pushed to fix this problem before many consoles gets inflicted by the Joy-Con drift.

“This is the Switch for the handheld core, It offers all the Switch’s best games in one delightfully compact package and should appeal to anyone whose Switch dock is gathering dust right now. It might not have all the gimmicks and gizmos of the classic Switch, but for those who like to experience their Switch games solo and from the comfort of wherever they damn well please, this is going to be an easy sell.” Said Sam, GR+ ‘s editor.

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