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Nintendo Switch Lite’s flip Cover Hits the Japanese Market

by  Tabassum -  Last Updated On 25th January 2022
Nintendo Switch Lite’s flip cover hits the Japanese market

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Nintendo Switch Lite, which is a smaller, more portable version of The Switch, comes without removable motion controller (joy-cons) and without the facility to dock it to a TV screen like the original had which are technically less used features. Switch lite fills these up with a longer battery life and a cheaper price.

Nintendo Switch Lite targets younger players who are sometimes clumsy and are incapable of catching the falling console and hence the flip cover is a must add-on accessory for them. There are over dozens of cases for Nintendo Switch in the market, some which also have a flip cover design.

But most of these are designed to just protect the switch per se,  the comfort of the player is not taken into account. These cases have taken the possibility of multiple forms of The Switch into consideration and so these cases might be a little uncomfortable to keep on while playing.

Nintendo designed this flip cover exclusively for Switch Lite. The hard case has indentations on the cover for both the control sticks. There is a cutaway for the charging port which lets you power up the gaming console without having to remove the case every time you charge. 

As the Nintendo switch lite doesn’t have the transforming removable joy-con option like the original Switch had, you could leave the case on all the time. It would surely add a little extra bulk to the sleek-slim console but it would also add safety, safety first! Cases are meant to be thin and protective and the newly announced Nintendo’s flip cover does that, you could slap back the flip and have access to the console.

Nintendo’s official flip cover, at least for now, is exclusively unveiled for only the Japanese market for 3,758 yen ($35)  You could pre-order this cover for an import price of $35, but eventually this flip cover would make its way to the western market, so hold on for now.

Image Soure – pocket-lint

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