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Nintendo Switch Lite Facing the Same Issue Original Switch had Experienced

by  Tabassum -  Last Updated On 25th January 2022
Nintendo Switch Lite Facing the Same Issue Original Switch had Experienced

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Nintendo sure was in a pickle due to Wii U, and Nintendo had to revitalize the company’s image and so, Nintendo needed the switch to be a success. And, it so happened that Nintendo’s switches were indeed a success, but while the console’s hardware was unique, it still faced a problem, the “Joy-con drift”

Every console has its own set of issues, but the incident of inputs being detected by the console even when the joystick wasn’t touched, was indeed havoc of a situation for Nintendo. Nintendo began offering free repair services to the drifting Joy-Con controllers. And by the looks of it, we can say that the same issue is affecting some of the Switch lite models even though the controller is non-removable.

Alexis Javier posts a video on youtube

Nintendo’s switch lite was released on the 20th of September, the reviews the console has been getting are immensely positive. The switch lite, which cannot output video and has a built-in controller seems a no-brainer. But one consumer made a startling discovery. A youtube video was posted by YouTuber Alexis Javier in which the camera continues to pan across the scene as if he was controlling the joystick but he was not, the console detected inputs even after Alexis had released the joystick.

There is no need to jump to conclusions the Switch lite console Alexis Jabier is using might be a rare faulty model or it might be a possibility that it has been damaged after purchase. If more videos like this one begin to pop up on the internet, then it will be clear that there is not just a problem with Javier’s model, but Nintendo didn’t fixed hardware for Switch lite.

If this is indeed a Joy-Con drift, it sure is a major problem for Nintendo. While users can send in their Joy-Con controller and play with another set while waiting for repair like they did during the Joy-Con drift of switch, the controller on Switch lite is itself the part of the console, so if you want to get this issues fixed, you would have to send your Switch lite and wait for a few weeks for Nintendo to repair the console and ship it back. Let’s hope Nintendo will get on to this sooner than later because this will prove to be a major issue for them.

Image source- Polygon

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