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Nintendo Switch controllers on sale at Walmart

by  Tabassum -  Last Updated On 2nd August 2021
Nintendo Switch controllers on sale at Walmart.

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Since the launch of Nintendo Switch has been celebrated among gamers, and now with the launch of the Nintendo Switch Lite, the popularity, the excitement for the gaming console has reached the top yet again. If you don’t own one of these consoles, you need to change that, you need to get one of these consoles. And if you already own one, then there’s no harm in getting another pair of controllers so you can invite some friends over and have fun.

Fortunately, Nintendo Switch controllers are on sale currently at Walmart, though it isn’t a big money-saving sale, you could still buy a pair of Joy-con for $12 off or you could get the Pro Controller for $7 off, any amount of saving is a saving nevertheless.

Switch owners are already familiar with Nintendo’s motion-controlled Joy-con. The Joy-con which is attached to the console itself can be used as it is, or you can detach and connect it to the TV and play while in docked mode, you can also use its built-in stand to place the Switch on a table while playing.

However, there is something that some Switch enthusiasts don’t own, that is the Nintendo Pro X which resembles a classic gaming console, quite similar to the Xbox or PlayStation controller. It still features some motion controls, to top that it has an ergonomic design for extra comfort, and has built-in amiibo support on the device itself. If you find yourself gaming for hours together, then Pro-controller might be your ideal match.

Here’s the full list of Nintendo Switch controllers on sale at Walmart-

  • Nintendo Switch Joy-Con (Neon Red and Neon Blue) : $66.99 (list price $79)
  • Nintendo Switch Joy-Con (Gray) : $66.99 (list price $79)
  • Nintendo Switch Joy-Con (Neon Pink and Neon Green) : $69 (list price $79)
  • Nintendo Switch Pro Controller : $62.06 (list price $69)

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