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Nintendo releases 2 new Switch Joy-Con colors

by  Tabassum -  Last Updated On 3rd August 2021

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Nintendo releases new controllers that come in neon orange-neon purple pair and blue-neon yellow pair. Nintendo Switch released on 3rd March 2017 is a hybrid console that is used as both a stationary as well as a portable device.

The wireless Joy-con controllers come with standard buttons and directional analog. Joy-con of all Colors are available, so one can buy as many different-colored extra Joy-cons as one wants. 

Here’s a list of all the colors of Joy-con available officially. 

Grey: The most popular standard console color for the Nintendo switch. One can buy a gray console for $67 at Amazon.

Neon Red: Grey and red is a delightful combination of colors, officially known as the Neon red. It is available on Amazon for $82.

Blue: Another popular option on the Nintendo Switch is the grey and blue or Neon blue. One can get it for $100 on Amazon.

Red & Blue: Available since the launch of the Switch, the red-blue color option in which the left Joy-con controller is red and the right one is blue. This option is available for $67 on Amazon.

Neon Yellow: With the launch of ARMS, the Neon yellow option was released for the Switch. The bright color cannot be missed, the console can even be seen in the dark. One can buy this at Amazon for $67.

Neon Pink & Green: In January 2018, the neon link-up green option was released officially. This color combination is available on Amazon for $69.

Super Mario Red: The deep red color of the Joy-Cons is much more refreshing than the standard gray option. One can get this option for $544 at amazon.

Green: Green Joy-con goes well with the grey color of the console. It is available for $80 at Best Buy.

Now two more colors, neon orange-neon purple pair, and blue-neon yellow pair would join this list too.

The color options are cheaper in the UK than in the US

Nintendo is currently selling the Switch for $79.99 (£69.99). It was seen that the console was being sold at a cheaper rate somewhere else in the UK on launch day. During the time of publication, one can buy the blue-neon yellow Joy-Cons for £64.99 at Amazon and Smyths, and for £64.85 at ShopTo.One can buy the neon purple-neon orange Joy-Cons for £64.99 at Amazon and Smyths, and £64.85 at ShopTo.

In the US, One can pre-order the neon orange-neon purple pair and blue-neon yellow pair option for $79.99 at Amazon and Best Buy. No retailer is selling these colors at a lesser price in the US. If you just in search of a new Switch controller and the color of the console doesn’t concern you, then you can get it from ShopTo for £59.85, while Amazon is selling them for $66.99.

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