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New Intel Gaming CPU shipped out for EEC Qualifications

by  Tabassum -  Last Updated On 25th January 2022

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Comet Lake, the latest gaming CPU from Intel is inching towards its launch. Dev kits have been shipped out for Eurasian Economic Commission Compliance (EEC). News has been coming out that the software development registration is in the works already. EEC has listed parts of the new gaming setup which features 10 cores of 14nm, a successor of Skylake’s Power Capacity. The Comet Lake CPU features similar architecture and an internal process that resemble both the 8th and 9th gen coffee lake. 

The processor would be featuring Gen9 graphics instead of the latest Gen1 loud out card. The registration also confirmed that this new hardware comes with a 10+2 configuration, which means that the framework includes integrated on-chip graphics. 

Previously, the Comet Lake benchmark was seen in the SiSoftware Sandra database. The processor was being run on an unlabelled H470 chipset which is now set for market retail. This was a little shocking as the chip is a product sample as well. All these points towards the comeback of hyperthreading for six-core chips.

The registration was released on 24th September by EEC, right now the chips are being processed for the qualification process. The testing committee might probably be running the testing and verifications on the processor at the moment.

Further, the report confirmed that the processor is in its final product development stage before the retail kits are to be shipped out. Comet Lake S processor would be out for launch as soon as everything’s completed from both EEC testing and finalization.

Intel is not the only company making a move towards bringing quality setups. Amidst the names appearing on the EEC database, one such name is Gigabyte Technology, which is in the process of registering its motherboard series, the Z490 and the B460. Gigabyte is in the middle of getting approved for its WiFi-enabled motherboard. 

The release dates of the Comet Lake processor is still a mystery, but one thing for sure is the launch of CPUs and Motherboards, which were spotted on the EEC database. This is quite more than often a sign of a product nearing its launch date. All this says that the launch of the Comet lake processor is just around the corner. 

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