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Is 60hz Monitor Good Enough for Gaming?

by  Jone -  Last Updated On 25th January 2022
60Hz gaming

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The monitor that you use for gaming is pretty essential apart from your graphics card, video card, processor, etc. It needs to have a higher refresh rate. When the refresh rate is high, automatically each smaller detail will be displayed without any delay.

The question which remains is, which new monitor should I choose? Is 60hz good for gaming? Or you should go for a monitor with an even higher frequency of frames per second or frame rate. That is what we will be tackling today. We will also help you understand which monitors you should buy for a higher refresh rate and a frame rate.

Is 60hz good for gaming?

Yes, a 60 Hz monitor with 60 fps is good enough for gaming and has refresh rates of 60 times per second. The initial gaming monitors had a frequency of 30 Hz. Due to this very reason, with the help of a 60 Hz monitor, you can get a decent fresh rate. They will display all the details accurately as well. If you’re looking for monitors with higher frequency, they are quite expensive. So, you can certainly go with the 60 Hz monitor that is fast and accurate and at the same have a high refresh rate.

Before we delve into the other monitor options with a higher frequency, it is essential to understand how the frequency works and then look at the more advanced options. Also, make sure to use a  G-sync that would surely help if you require a monitor with a higher refresh rate for competitive gaming.

How does frequency affect gaming?

Hertz is the unit of frequency. It determines the number of images the monitor can display in a single second. The larger the frequency, the more will be the number of images displayed in a second. Each image consists of the latest details and updates in the game.

That is why, if the images get displayed at a smaller delay, the advancements in the game will be displayed at a faster pace. As a result, you will be able to respond in almost real-time. This feature becomes even more critical in MMORPG games for example games like:

  •  Fortnight 
  •  Battlefield 
  •  PUBG

The 120Hz monitor will display more images in one second as compared to a 60Hz monitor. If you want to improve your response, you have to go with the monitor which has a higher frequency. However, since the higher frequency monitors are quite expensive, it is a good idea to go with a 60Hz monitor which comes with 60 fps. It is highly accurate and displays the images at a fast pace. As a result, you will not have to worry about any lag times for your competitive games.

Which are monitors can you go with?

As we stated above, the 60Hz monitor is better for gaming, but if you want to know more about high-frequency monitors, there are two other options for different types of games you play. These are:

1. 120 Hz monitors:

The 120 Hz monitor displays double the number of images as compared to the 60Hz one. However, the difference between the 120 Hz monitor and the 144 Hz monitor in terms of price is negligible. That is why, if you’re upgrading, it is a good idea to upgrade directly to the 144-hertz monitor.

2. 144Hz monitor:

The advantage of a 144Hz monitor is that it displays an image every 7 ms. Also, the image reproduction is smoother as well with 144hz monitors. Due to this very reason, you can be sure that your reaction time will be excellent when going with the 144 Hz or times per the second monitor.

These are the options that you have if you want to choose the monitor with a higher frequency.

Which factors should you keep in mind while choosing the monitor?

You always need to understand that if you’re a gamer, the 60Hz monitor is more than enough. There are a few other factors to keep in mind, as well.

1. Resolution:

You have to always look at the screen resolution to determine whether it can display 1080p or it can display 4K H.D. quality. You need to ensure that you have a supporting Internet connection so that there is no lag. 

2. Panel:

You have to look at the panel in use as well. It can be IPS, or it can be T.N. The T.N. Panel has a faster response time as compared to IPS.

3. Response time:

The reaction time is the time that it takes for any pixel to change its color. High reaction time means that there will be motion blur. It will also lower your reaction time.

4. Screen size:

Lastly, you have to consider the screen size of the monitor. The bigger the screen size, the more details you can view on the monitor. That is why it is a good idea to take into account the screen size and then take a call.

Apart from the refresh rate, these are the four factors to consider while choosing the monitor.

So, to answer the question is 60Hz better for gaming, yes it definitely is. While you can go for monitors with higher frequency but 60Hz can easily suffice. It is reasonably accurate and fast. It will not deteriorate your gaming experience in any way. That is why, if you do not want to go with the expensive monitors, 60Hz is more than enough.

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