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Intel Reveals 8 new 10th Generation Comet Lake Processor

by  Tabassum -  Last Updated On 25th January 2022
Intel Reveals 8 new 10th Generation Comet Lake Processor

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On 21st August, Intel unveiled Comet Lake which is labelled as a 10th generation processor. Comet Lake is a big upgrade but its not as huge of an upgrade as Ice Lake. Intel launched its 10th generation Ice Lake processors a few weeks ago, these processors are a big leap considering what Intel had done in the last few years.

This processor feature improved graphic engine, DL Boost (AI acceleration) and quicker connectivity via Wi-Fi 6 and thunderbolt 3. These processors would power the best upcoming ultrabooks in the coming months including Dell XPS 13 2-in-1. According to Intel Comet Lake is 10th generation processor but it is not built on 10 nm process, doesn’t not have faster-integrated GPUs, doesn’t have AI acceleration.

Comet Lake Is an Exciting Upgrade, But It’s Not As Exciting As Ice Lake

Comet Lake is a big upgrade over the 8th and 9th generation processor, but it is so different from 10 generation processor, Ice Lake, it’s surprising that it is called 10th generation processor in the first place. Though the new 14 nm Comet Lake processor lacks what 10 nm Ice Lake processor has, like, they won’t be as efficient as Ice lake processor, and it doesn’t have the same kind of battery life, Comet Lake does showcase few upgraded features.

It supports Wi-Fi 6 and thunderbolt 3 connection, its supports a faster Ram and offers 6-core 13-thread CPU option in the U-series, also the Y-series Comet Lake processor consume less power than Y-series Ice Lake processor. Comet Lake supports Intel Adaptix tech which intelligently boosts performance and responsibility.

Intel claims a performance bump of over 16% with Comet Lake over previous generation processor. At Intel’s test centre the 6C/12T 25W Comet Lake processor was put against the 4C/8T 15W 8th generation processor. When performing battery life test, the Comet Lake processor was reduced way down to 15W, but considering the fact that there are 28W U-series chips with Iris plus graphics in the previous generation, accepting these figures is quite hard.

The lack of Iris plus graphics in Comet Lake is also a downside for Intel, that is unless you buy a laptop or a PC that has dedicated graphics from Nvidia or AMD, these 10th generation Comet Lake processors are not capable of a whole lot by themselves because Comet Lake is using a previous version of its integrated graphics. It’s a possibility that Comet Lake might be used in mainstream and gaming laptops while Ice Lake could feature Premium products.

Image Source – Techspot

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