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Intel Plans to unveil its new ULP micro-architecture

by  Tabassum -  Last Updated On 21st April 2021

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Intel planning of launching Intel Tremont, an upcoming descendant to the Goldman Plus series of SoCs, which are aspired for ULP (Ultra Low Power) devices like the tablet, microservers, and IoT(Internet of Things) components. Hence, it most likely that it would make up for the new Lakefield processor, though stacked along with the new Foveros technology, effectively 2019 for Atom, bound for use in the Surface Neo.

Intel’s next-generation SoCs which is developed for low-end and IoT devices and mobile are collectively named as Tremont. At present, Tremont is believed to have micro-architecture which is based on the 10nm manufacturing process. 

Linley group to dispel this matter at its upcoming conference.

The Linley Group, an organization that is involved in the analysis of semiconductors for the ULP (Ultra Low Power) type chips and produces the Microprocessor Report, will dispel the labyrinth of mystery concerning this topic. As asserted by the Linley group, this will be denied or confirmed at an upcoming conference conducted by the Lenley group in Santa Clara, California.

Though Intel has tried to stay low-key on this, it has attracted enormous attention mainly due to the fact that it is slated for a 10nm fabrication process rather than the 14nm manufacturing process which is found in every current solution. Tremont, which has the Code- game Elkhart lake also features the Gen11 graphics, a sub-10 watt TDP (Thermal design power)

This event scheduled to be held on October 23 and October 24, 2019, will take place at the Hyatt Regency in Santa Clara, California. Thus event might unveil Intel’s latest developments. A presentation concerning the Tremont lineup is scheduled for the second day of the conference, that is, on the 24th of October, the mystery of the Tremont lineup would come to an end.

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