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Highest FPS For Gaming – What Is The Best FPS For Gaming?

by  Jone -  Last Updated On 21st October 2021
best fps for gaming

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Do you know what FPS is? It stands for frames per second. If you love gaming, then you are bound to know about FPS. Some gamers are very picky about the graphics quality of the game.

Many enjoy very smooth graphics running without any laggings while playing fast-paced games, so they want high FPS. There are options for selecting FPS for gaming. But which one is the best? 

In this article, we will discuss what FPS is and what is the best FPS for gaming? At first, let us look at what FPS is. 


What is the FPS?

As we have said, FPS in the full form is frames per second. It means how many frames are displayed every second. 

So, the higher the FPS, the better the video quality. However, the number of frames displayed depends on how fast your GPU can render them. 


What are the factors that could affect the FPS for gaming?

  • Graphics settings of the game.
  • The ability of the hardware used for PC gaming.
  • Game optimization.
  • Resolution of the game etc. 
  • If you’re streaming with Twitch, Youtube, or other platforms

If you want to run games with a very high frame rate, then you have to be selective about some facts. Only then will you be able to enjoy high graphics at their best.


3 things to check before you sit for gaming

  • Which games are you playing, and in what resolution is it available?
  • What is the hardware you are using to run the game?
  • Which monitor are you using, and is it capable of running the game at high FPS?

Once you have checked these three questions, you are ready for gaming.

Another factor that affects the graphics quality is the personal choice of the people. Game graphics can be of many types; the color choices and presentations vary depending on each designer’s taste. 

Many people like vibrant designs, while others prefer everything in a gray scheme. So, this is also something that affects the best frame rate/FPS for gaming. 

How many types of FPS are there?

After understanding what FPS is, you can guess it can be of any value. But, if there is a small difference in FPS, the human eye cannot notice the difference between them. 

Hence some fixed value for FPS has been set with detectable changes. They make up different types of FPS ranges. Let us look at them from the highest value to the lowest;


At present, this is the highest value there is for frames. So, you cannot get a frame rate of 240FPS on all devices. 

There is some hardware with high speed that can render and display up to 240FPS. You will need monitors with 240Hz display ability to run games with 240 FPS. 


The second highest frame rates are enjoyed by the gamers. To run this FPS, you will need a display of 120-165 refresh rate capabilities. 

It is hard to find; even the console games have not been updated to 120FPS yet. 


You might have guessed that this is the common FPS for a good gaming experience. Most well-reputed console gaming companies aim for a framerate of 60FPS. 


Another target FPS for console and weaker companies. However, anything above a frame rate of 20FPS is counted as the 30FPS category. 


The frame change is noticeable below 20FPS. So, it is good enough for comfortable gaming. 


What are the best fps for gaming?

It is a hard question to answer. Do you know why? Because it completely depends upon gamers. 

A gamer may prefer the highest frame rate and is intrigued by them. However, many gamers may be ok with just 30FPS gaming.

So, you can’t select the best out of the four options, provided you have a good gaming monitor. Here is short information about each type so you can decide which one is the best. 


As you know, this is one of the highest frame rates there is for gaming. But one can only enjoy the graphic changes if he has a 240HZ monitor.

Otherwise, this frame rate isn’t worth it. On top of that, there is little visible difference between 120FPS and 240FPS. So, there is no point in going for high frame rates if gamers can’t enjoy it. 

Along with that, they must be willing to invest in the monitors to rejoice in it. So, only someone dedicated to PC gaming will go for this. 


Once again, it is for those who are serious about gaming. For this, they have to pay for the graphics. The images produced are fluid and smooth with a frame rate of 120FPS. It is responsive to single-player games.

Hence, many gamers who want an amazing gaming experience will go for 120FPS. 


The frame rate is not too low and not too high, so it is the ideal FPS for gaming. It is low enough to run on devices that are available at home. 

So, you don’t need to invest in getting your hands on better monitors. On the other hand, it runs smoothly on devices with good graphics to look at. 

Hence, if you are looking for the best FPS, this might be it. It can give an advantage to players in multiplayer mode. The animation with games also runs well at this rate. 

Some players prefer this frame rate over 30FPS. However, anything above 60FPS is for intense gamers, who are willing to pay for the additional costs that come with it. 


If you are a single player, then this should be good enough. As we said before, anything above 20FPS is good enough for gaming and is put in this category. 

But if you want a better graphics and gaming experience, you can go for a frame rate of 60 FPS. If you are passionate about gaming and are selective about graphic taste, you might want to take higher fps for gaming. 

But you have to keep in mind which monitor your use and the rest so you can enjoy them at their best. 


Final words

As you can see, a gamer can have different preferences for FPS. At first, you have to check out games with different FPS and then decide which one you want. 

After that, you have to check the devices to ensure they are suitable for the FPS you desire. Once this is done, you can set up your game and start playing. 

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