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Can You Play PS3 Games on PS4?

by  Jone -  Last Updated On 18th August 2021
play ps3 games on ps4

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PS4 takes the gaming experience to the next level. However, there are many classic PS3 titles, which are equally entertaining as well. Many gamers also prefer vintage games as compared to the newer ones. Also, PS3 has a vast number of already available games, and therefore, if you can play PS3 games on PS4, there will be no shortage of options. That is why one of the questions which PS fans often ask is, can ps4 play ps3 games?

Today, we will share with you the answer to this question. We get asked this question quite a lot. One of the primary reasons for the same is that many gamers have previous gaming discs that were compatible with PS3. That is why they try to figure out if the gaming collection would work with PS4 or not.

We will tackle all of these topics below and let you know the answer to this question.

Can you play ps3 games on ps4?

The answer to this question is, unfortunately, mixed. It is a yes and no. If you want to play PlayStation 3 games on PS4, there is an option to do so. However, if you’re going to use PS3 discs in PS4, it will not be able to read the CD.

The question which arises is, how can you play ps3 games on ps4 ?

The answer to that is using PlayStation now. We will go into the details of this below to help you understand how you can use PlayStation now to play your favorite PS3 games.

What is Playstation Now?

Playstation Now is a streaming service that allows you to play over 700 games just by connecting your console with the Wi-Fi network. You can consider it similar to Netflix but only for games. The library features a wide collection of PS2, PS3, and PS4 games. Sony developed Playstation Now to rival the Xbox One and offer a great game streaming experience.

PlayStation Now also consists of PS3 games, which you can stream quite easily. So, it implies that by using PlayStation now, you will be able to play PS3 games on PS4. 

Are you wondering how you can do so?

We will share with you the step-by-step details of using PlayStation now below so that you can start playing PS3 games on PS4.

Using PS now:

The procedure to connect to PlayStation now is as follows:

1. The foremost thing you need to do is connect your PS4 to the Wi-Fi network. You can directly use the broadband Internet cable to do so as well.

2. You have to create a PlayStation Network account. You can do so with the help of the PlayStation Store website, or you can do so by using the PlayStation 4 as well.

3. Once you complete the signup, you have to select the PlayStation Store icon. The menu which you will view is a dynamic one. That is why you have to spot the PlayStation store icon before you can go ahead and purchase it.

4. Once inside the store, it is important to scroll down the sidebar to go to the PS now icon. It is generally in the second half of the sidebar.

5. Once you click on the PS now option, you will be either prompted to start the free trial or to purchase the subscription. If you have already used the free trial, you would be required to purchase the subscription.

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6. After starting the subscription or the seven-day free trial, you can easily browse the collection of games available. There are over available, which include PS3 games as well. It means that all you need to do is to confirm your purchase, and after that, you will be able to log in and play PS3 games.

While you can play PS3 games but there is still a caveat. If you keep on going through the extensive game collection, it will not be easy for you to find the PS3 games. You would end up spending a lot of your time only to sift through the vast collection of games.

The question which you might have on this point is how to find PS3 games on PS now?

We will answer that question below.

How to find PS3 games for playing on PS now?

The step-by-step guide that I will highlight now will allow you to find PS3 games in PS now. It means that you won’t have to go through trial and error to search for specific games. You can directly browse the PS3 games on the streaming platform.

1. You have to open the dynamic menu on the screen with the PS button, present right in the center of your controller.

2. Once you are on the dynamic menu, you have to go to the PlayStation logo, surrounded by a triangle.

3. After that, you have to click on the start icon present below the PlayStation now.

4. Once the landing page of the Playstation Now opens up; you can see various games and options like home, your games, browse, all games, and search. Among all these options, you have to select the browse option.

5. On the browse page, there is an option to select PS2 games, PS3 games, and PS4 games. Once you select PS3 games, the entire collection of PS3 games will be visible on the screen. It will become easy to play the game you want.

6. Once you select any game, you will get the option to stream that game and add it to your list. If you add it to your list, you will not have to go through the same procedure to search for it again. In the future, you can go to your games option available on PS now, and you will be able to find this game already there.

Thus, finding PS3 games on PS now is quite easy. With the help of this procedure, you will be able to play a wide variety of PS3 games on PS4. Make sure you have a high-speed internet connection, so you can make the most of the online gaming experience.

Before we conclude the article, it is good to look at the cost of PlayStation now. It will provide you with a realistic estimate as to how much you would have to spend to access this service.

How much does PlayStation now cost?

There are two options available when you sign up for PlayStation now. We will go into the details of both of these below.

1. 7-day free trial:

If you’re using PlayStation now streaming service for the first time, you will get a seven-day free trial option. During this free trial, you will get access to all these games. It means that at the start, you will not have to pay anything to play the games for seven days.

2. Subscription cost:

Depending on the region from where you are subscribing to the streaming service, the taxes will get added. Nevertheless, when you look at the fact that it provides you access to over 700 different games, including PS2 and PS3 games, it is actually quite affordable. The charges are the same after the seven-day trial ends.

Thus, when you’re subscribing to PS now, these are the two options that you have. Of course, the best way forward is to first opt for the seven-day free trial and then go for the chargeable subscription.

Do you have to pay for games again?

Just to clear out any confusion, once you opt for the PS now subscription through the seven-day free trial or the paid one, you will not have to pay for PS3 games and PS2 games separately. You can access and play all of those games at your convenience with the help of this streaming service.

Now that you are aware of how you can play PS3 games on PS4, there is only a single grey area. We will tackle that grey area below to help you understand what you can expect when you insert a PS3 disc in PS4.

What will happen when I put a PS3 disc in PS4?

PS4 has no backward compatibility when it comes to gaming discs. That is why, even if you input a PS3 CD, it will show you an error stating that it cannot play PlayStation 3 format disk.

It means that there will be no use in trying the PS3 gaming discs to play games on PS 4.

PlayStation 4 has undoubtedly made the console easy to use. However, the way you use PlayStation 4 has a stark difference from using PlayStation 3 and its predecessors. That is why there is confusion as to how you can get access to play older games. There is no point in keeping the disc collection that you have of PS3 games or PS2 games when you plan on using PS4. You can instead use the streaming service, as highlighted above.

So, if you want to play PS3 games on PS4 because of no backward compatibility, you can use the method and the step-by-step procedure above. By opting for the PS now subscription service, you can easily stream the games which you want.

It will make it easy for you to enjoy your favorite games on the latest console as well. With the help of improved graphics, good internet connection and better controls, you will be able to have a whole new experience when playing PS3 games on PS4.

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