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AMD Plans to Enter into the Mobile Processor Market

by  Tabassum -  Last Updated On 25th January 2022
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Today, Intel dominates the market for mobile processors. Though there are AMD Ryzen processors in some laptops, these are nothing but a low powered version of their desktop’s counterparts. With the new Surface Laptop, AMD’s first mobile Ryzen processor came out stating a new era for AMD.

The platform is thinking of launching a mobile processor for the thin & light and the gaming laptops. AMD and it’s OEM partners are working together to develop a laptop at a starting price of $699 that has the products of the 7nm node manufacturing process. This would prove to be a relief for the casual gamers who could afford a capable gaming laptop at this range.

At present, a laptop must have at least a Quad-core processor and a GTX 1050 to play the less demanding games at 1080p. A laptop featuring the Quad-core processor and a GTX 1050, along with a 256GB SSD and an 8GB DDR4 memory costs around $700. AMD plans to replace this with a laptop featuring a more capable CPU and GPU at the same price.

For instance, the six-core Ryzen processor with a 7nm manufacturing process under the Zen 2.0 architecture and a discrete graphics card. Just the processing power generated by AMD combination is more than enough to blow away the Nvidia-Intel combination found in the stores at the same price.

AMD is trying to make its place in the gaming and thin & light laptop market with its mobile processor lineup. One of the most important features of a good laptop is its battery timing. A top performance laptop with below-average battery life makes up for a lousy product, as the portability of such a laptop becomes outdated.

This is another reason why a huge number of customers prefer a laptop with above-average performance and better battery life over a top performance laptop with a below-average battery life. AMD is planning to overcome this trend. AMD Ryzen processor of Zen 2.0 family features 6 core and is netting battery life of 12 hours for an average user. 

AMD follows a competitive pricing approach to thrive over its rivals. This has been seen in the past when AMD unveiled the 32 core Threadripper at half the price of the 28 core Xeon processor of last year. AMD would surely go with the same strategy once again. So, we can expect to see a huge number of AMD Ryzen and AMD Radeon powered laptops during CES 2022 at a reasonable price.

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