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AMD and Nvidia Are Top Market Players for Gamers Than Intel – Report

by  Tabassum -  Last Updated On 21st April 2021
AMD and Nvidia Are Top Market Players for Gamers Than Intel - Report

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AMD and Nvidia Bounce back in the market, as flashed in Latest Steam Hardware Survey eating into Intel’s position. On Friday, Sept 06, 2019, the latest Steam Hardware Survey reveals AMD and Nvidia are enjoying the comeback of their efforts in the market.

The PC gamers prefer AMD and Nvidia rather than Intel as hardware 

Since a long time, Intel has been dominating the market share of CPU of Steam users. Now as the recent hardware report AMD has been doing pretty good and players are enjoying it.

Currently, the minor drop was found in AMD of 17.88 percent share, whereas Intel has jumped to 82.11% share. As we can clearly make out from the report what gamers are looking for and enjoying it. Because of Intel’s strong clock speeds and single-core performance they have been able to render better CPU’s processors, compared to AMD’s processors.

On the contrary with the inception of “Ryzen family of CPUs,” AMD has been able to influence more gamers and capture the market share. At the same time, Intel is competing with it’s Eighth Generation CPU’s with more core numbers and superior clock speed.

 AMD’s third-gen Ryzen processors

Looking forward to AMD’s third-gen Ryzen processors which are yet to be launched and noting the performance they promise, it will be a great challenge for Intel to maintain their position in the market again. Nvidia is known as the king of the hill, with the help of GeForce cards holding a 75.53 percent share, whereas 14.75 percent is AMD’s slice in the market.More interestingly AMD’s Radeon RX 580 is Team Red’s best performing graphics card, with 1080p gaming performance.

With all the above facts AMD still has a long way to go. At present AMD is dominating the market with 18.95%.

Image source – Wccftech

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