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10th-gen CPU launched by Intel

by  Jone -  Last Updated On 25th January 2022
intel 10th gen

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The information regarding Intel 10th-gen started trickling a few months back. The company has finally unveiled greater details about its 10th-generation Ice Lake CPU. The company is planning a big bang launch.

11 new processors:

The company is launching its entire line of processors with the upgraded 10th generation architecture. It means that you can easily get the 10th generation processor ranging from dual-core i3 all the way up to the quad-core i7. The name of the architecture is Sunny Cove. However, it is expected that the naming tradition of these processors might change a bit.

The company plans to offer three different graphic options with each processor. With the demand for processors consisting of different graphic card variants increasing, this move is a prudent one by the company. Earlier as well, the naming convention followed by Intel was not easy to understand. This time around it is going to get even more confusing like Core i7-1068G7.

Most fans are waiting for its teraflop Iris Plug Graphics. The advantage of this graphics card is that you can easily play games in 1080p. However, the feature will only be able in the higher 10th-gen CPUs rather than in everyone. The suffix G7 will denote the processors that will offer you UHD graphics for games.

These will be the beneficiary of the new Iris Plus graphics. As different processors are slated to have this feature, the frequency can vary from one processor to another. Also, you cannot be sure whether these processors will be locked or unlocked either. Only time will tell that.

Y-Series variants:

Intel is going to continue with its Y-series variants which are dedicatedly designed for slim machines and are more efficient than the rest. These Y-series CPUs are also going to become efficient and powerful. As a result, the 10th-gen chips will be an improvement over the predecessors.

Intel has clearly articulated that the new processors can reach 4.1 GHz. While that might seem like a down step from the 4.6 GHz of the 8th gen but the truth is that the graphics processing power is more. That is why these processors can handle more load. The sunny cove architecture can process 18% more commands than its predecessors, which means that it can handle heavy games smoothly.

Also, it is expected that the size of the L1 and L2 cache will also increase. When that happens, the data handling capacity of these processors will increase with respect to equivalent frequency processors of the 8th-gen.

Ice-lake might seem like a minor upgrade on paper, but when you actually look at the specs in detail, you will find that it is a considerable advancement. The Ice-Lake variants and the Sunny cove architecture will make these processors handle anything that you can throw at it. These next-gen processors by Intel are going to revolutionize the tech world as they will advance the processing power significantly.

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